Lindy Bishop

I want to incite a burgeoning in others. That feeling of being well-fed intellectually and spiritually to the point you well-up and spill out. That's what I hope my work will do through paintings, photos, stories, strategies, problem solving, happy days, events, people connections, community, good meetings, innovation and peacemaking. A part of me loves local, and the other part - global. My heart is in it - the idea of helping others know prosperity in a transformative sense. The thing I pray for most is wisdom. Let me be your instant instigator and back up generator, your reconnaissance mission and command central. I know a number of ways in through art and business and there is always room for fun. Kids are a good reminder. Whether you are hoping to find that special oil painting of Northern Michigan or Ocean Scenes of Key West, or, need help making your next meeting come alive, I would like to help. Find out more through the navigation at the bottom of this page.

My paintings are about celebrating the land, what it grows and how it feeds us. Sometimes that takes me into subjects of music, local brews, and normal people doing extraordinary things because they are here in northern Michigan - and it feeds them. I often include bees in my subjects as a symbol of vitality. I believe my role as an artist in rural America is to cross-pollinate with the bounty of the area, history, indigenous materials and subjects, other cultures, community, other arts and artists, youth, technology, and the land. My aim is to inject a distinctive, engaging energy in my work. I'm inspired by artists Wayne Thiebaud and David Hockney who anchor me. I don't think art has to be happy to be good, but I want mine to be both.